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There are living environments with highest demands on interior design and materials. Here, the focus is on special hygienic, aesthetic or functional aspects. However, the individual requirements and expectations of people occupying these living areas are always to the fore. As innovation driver we at CAPAROL feel obliged to also orientate our products and design concepts towards life in demanding interiors.

In our topic series Colours That Care we show what different sensitive areas of life there are and what makes them particular. To this effect, we incorporated scientific studies as well as well-founded research findings on relevant developments and trends. And, of course, our long-term experience in the development of sustainable design concepts.

Colours That Care – these are not only colours which care for needs. As part of our corporate philosophy to accept responsibility for the quality of living, Colours That Care rather comprises our answers to the most important challenges of demanding living environments.

In the first part of Colours That Care we delve into the living environment of the hotel. Experience exciting reports and interviews, latest trend observations and, of course, all about your perfect hotel design with Caparol.

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