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The hotel is a place where global trends, cultures, lifestyle habits, and expectations come together. Today, hotel designers must concern themselves with social changes on a global, national and also regional level in order to understand in what direction the needs of hotel guests are developing.

The answer to this challenge are holistic design concepts, which are customised and permanently open to changes – and lend the hotel an individual identity. A consistent world of experience has to emerge from the combination of functionality, innovation, aesthetics, and design. Those who recognise the changing trends in interior design at an early stage are able to grow with these changes. Today, a hotel means more to a guest than just accommodation, it is the continuation of one’s own lifestyle – only in a different place than home.

We at CAPAROL have built up comprehensive knowledge of the relevant social change over many years. Thanks to our generation-spanning experience as product developer, trend researcher and designer for the hotel industry, we master the individual implementation of interior trends. Therefore we know what currently really matters for hotels: living instead of staying overnight.