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Chic lobby, chic guestrooms – but what about the areas in-between? Corridors, staircases, transition zones, or the underground car park are generally regarded as emotionless functional areas. That is surprising because these areas are the key to a successful hotel concept.

Every guest uses these so-called circulation areas every day – and can thus notice whether the hotel concept was actually conceived on an integrated basis. These areas also have to fit into the overall picture, in other words, they have to be characterised by a hotel design geared to the specific target group and not by a monotonous finish. Varied design concepts contribute to wellbeing, for example through so-called “landmarks”. These special design elements, wall designs or colour impulses add invigorating highlights, are subconsciously noticed and recognised.

New uses facilitate flexibility

The unconventional interpretation of rooms has an inspiring effect and emphasises the special hotel concept. Attractive furniture and unexpected arrangements, for example, can turn corridors into flexible, exceptional lounge areas.

Of course, this also involves orientation – the larger a hotel, the more important are elements which tell the guest that he is walking in the right direction. The visual accessibility for older guests also needs to be considered, for example through the specific use of contrasts of walls and doors against the floor area.

However, each function is only as good as its consistent design. So when it comes to the credibility of a concept, hotels can no longer afford to leave areas without any design in the future.

Caparol products extend renovation intervals

Corridors, staircases, transition zones or underground car parks are exposed to higher degrees of wear and tear. Surfaces can quickly look worn and neglected. For this purpose, Caparol has developed products which can easily take signs of wear. Additionally, they are very easy to process. They facilitate seamless application on surfaces in grazing light, improve lighting conditions or convey the impression of a recently implemented redesign, even in highly frequented areas. Simultaneously, Caparol products noticeably extend renovations cycles.