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Size, function, service – the formerly established standard for hotel rooms is now a thing of the past. The future allows for individual rooms with many variants. A clever combination of function and design for interiors is in demand.

The trend in hotel rooms is towards very small rooms which only serve as overnight accommodation. Other concepts, on the contrary, combine bedroom and workroom. Flexibility of furnishings and layout supports these different types of use. New equipment features are in demand, such as mini kitchens, sufficiently dimensioned workplaces including infrastructure or even conference tables – obviously providing a prestigious and inspiring ambience.

Feeling at home while on the move

Those travelling should have the possibility to quickly feel at home. This also includes the possibility to invite friends, to celebrate and network. In the future, the hotel room has to be open and flexible enough to become an individual meeting place. Just like one’s own home.

Today’s standard hotel room will no longer exist in its present form. Instead, it will be replaced by different room concepts which the guest books depending on current needs. New functionalities which facilitate working and living in a hotel have to be integrated. Highquality and emotional interior design can satisfy everyday needs of hotel guests when they are away from home.

Walls for feeling at ease

Caparol products make sure that hotel rooms always look as if they have been freshly renovated. Wallpaper-like fleece covers guarantee high robustness in combination with attractive design. They can be individually coated, for example with high-quality wall paints, which are available in a vast variety of shades or with prestigious lustrous respectively metallic effects.

This also includes sealants and two-component special enamels which withstand the conditions in problematic zones such as doors or doorframes for long periods of intensive use.