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Societies are undergoing constant change and the people’s needs change with them. This is the basis for the emergence of trends. The Caparol ColourDesignStudio explains why the hotel industry has to keep a very close eye on trend developments.

Again and again the impression arises that trends are arbitrary and short-term phenomena. However, trends are rather based on social developments and the resulting needs. Simultaneously, trends also trigger countertrends – for example, the current acceleration and densification of work causes the increased search for periods of rest and times out. Extreme mobility, in turn, increases the importance of familiar environments. Due to digital networking, trends spread rapidly. It becomes more and more difficult to determine trends, maintain an overview and deduce their significance for single areas.

Trends move
between opposite

Extreme mobility increases the significance
of familiar environments.

Current trends include the pursuit of personal individuality and differentiation in all spheres of life. Nestled within a prosperous society, humans increasingly develop the need for selfdefinition and self-staging. Design explicitly reacts to these developments. Based on this knowledge, the Caparol ColourDesignStudio determines the Caparol Colour Trends.

Colours, shapes, materials, textures, and designs change cyclically, too. An edgy design vocabulary is replaced by organic contours, chromatic colours by subtle, uncoloured preferences. Calm, bright colour nuances, for example, form an opposite pole against a hectic, estranged world – at the same time, this need, which is taken up by design, already bears the countertrend within itself. The next phase will then bring more intensive colour accentuations providing more vividness and stimulation. Trends move between opposite poles.

Originality and
independence are more important
than fixed categories

Travelling becomes increasingly simple, rambling and encourages
the exchange of cultures.

These changes provide great opportunities for the hotel industry. To develop trend-oriented hotel concepts, the potential of a current trend for one’s own target group needs to be identified. Especially hotels increasingly depend on individual and authentic concepts. Originality and independence are more important than fixed categories.

This will prompt hotel chains, which have so far quite successfully used identical design elements at all of their locations, to rebalance the relationship of recognition value and surprise. Independent hotels, by contrast, can completely reinvent themselves – a chance which can turn into an advantage.